The 2018 Murder Mystery Weekend was a HUGE success!  There were 10 guests attending and only 2 had ever done a Murder Mystery before and everyone had such a great time, they all said “you have to do this every year!”

The theme for the event was “Old Time Hollywood Dinner Party” and everyone really got into it and was dressed “to the 9’s” as they say.  The event started with a cocktail party with a martini-punch and Manhattans – thanks to a Mike S. for his offer to bartending skills!  There were also a collection of passed hors d’oeuvres which included spanakopata, savory cream cheese puffs with roasted tomato pesto and cheese tortellini skews with tomato and cubes of provolone.

After the cocktail hour, the team from The Murder Mystery Company started the event with “Act 1”.  All the guests were given roles to play for the evening and a book that explained who they were to be and information about the character.  It was great to see everyone totally getting into character and playing along all evening.

Act 1 concluded with everyone moving into the Dining Room where the first of the 4 course gourmet dinner was served.  This consisted of a zucchini, avocado, onion and fresh basil soup.  That was immediately followed by the second course which was a wedge salad.  This was a wedge cut of iceberg lettuce drizzled with a homemade buttermilk blue cheese dressing and a champagne vinaigrette the topped with thick cut double hickory smoked bacon bits and pickled onions.

After the first two courses were completed, the guests all moved back into the parlor for Act 2 where more information was given out and other events started to happen.  There were a number of surprises and even a couple of unexpected deaths!

After Act 2 completed, guests returned to the dining room for the 3rd course – the Entrees! Prior to the event, guests were given a choice of entree which were accomponanied with two side dishes.

After this course was devoured, guests went back to the parlor for the final act.  This was the “Big Reveal” where even more unexpected twists came out and details about each of the guests that nobody would have expected.  At the conclusion of Act 3, guests were then asked to fill out a “Police Report” where each team was to write down who they thought the murder was and how they did it.  The more detail the report included, the better the chances were to win the Grand Prize: A Free Night for 2 at Hummingbird Inn!

Once the reports were completed, all guests returned to the dining room for the final course, a special Birthday Dessert for one of the guests!  While guests enjoyed their dessert, the results of the reports were tallied and the murderer was revealed – much to the surprise of many, including the murderer herself! I think her husband might have been a little nervous going to bed that evening… lol

Congratulations to the Winning Team: Sandy Boyd and Lindsey Vanous! While they weren’t the only team who managed to determine who the murderer was, they were the team that provided the most details in their report which put them over the top to win the game.

Everyone had a really run time – including the two wonderful servers I hired, Heather and Aaaron, who help make the event special.  It was great to see them get really into the entire event including wearing “service costumes” and taking on the roles of servers for the evening.

The one thing that everyone kept telling me at the end was that this has to be an annual event.  There are many more themes and story lines so that each event can/will be different so guests attending this one could come back for the next and have an entirely new experience.  So yes, this will happen again so keep an eye out on the website and Facebook page for the Inn for the announcement of the next Murder Mystery Weekend!

Finally, a SPECIAL thanks to Elaina Smith of Elaina Faith Photography for shooting the entire event!  Elaina did an amazing job and I’ve posted many of the pics in a gallery below.  You can see more about Elaina’s work at her Facebook page by clicking here