The Crisfield Room, located on the 3rd floor, is the newest addition to Hummingbird Inn. Keeping in line with doing things a little differently at Hummingbird Inn, the Crisfield Room, one of the largest guest rooms on the property, is an exciting diversion from the traditional Victorian decor.

This newly furnished room is done in a Contemporary/Zen motif using low, clean line furniture made of natural woods, metals and glass, brightly colored walls and ceiling.  These design features helps to open the space up giving guests a spacious, comfortable room not only to sleep in, but to hangout and relax in as well.  Crisfield Room has multiple seating areas to chill and relax in as well as a small work desk for the business traveler or just a place to sit and go on-line.

We’ve fitting the room out with updated technology as well. This includes a new 43″ WiFi Enabled Smart TV with built in NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video, a bedside alarm clock with dual alarms, charging ports (standard US 3-prong plug and USB ports), and a 1-button connect Bluetooth Speaker to connect your mobile device to.

The Crisfield Room provides you with an ultra-cool, modern relaxing experience while also being able to enjoy the charm and comfort of the Victorian style throughout the rest of the property.

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