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I had the pleasure of hosting Kurt Jacobson, a Baltimore-based freelance travel writer and a former chef traveling the world in search of great food, interesting people, fine wine, nature, fishing, and skiing. New Zealand, Japan and Europe are his favorite international destinations. He has visited all 50 US states and constantly explores hidden gems which led him to Easton, MD.

Kurt was visiting Easton and exploring some of the local venues.  He said he had driven past Hummingbird Inn several times and was intrigued just from what he saw on the outside.  While doing a piece on another local business, he inquired about the Inn and heard very flattering comments from the people he was speaking with.

He reached out to me and asked if I would meet with him and show him around.  Of course I was happy to do so and he was very impressed with what he saw.  He asked if I would be interested in letting him spend a night and write a review of Hummingbird Inn to publish and, well – here’s the result of his stay:

REVIEW LINK: – Hummingbird Inn, Easton, MD

Thanks to Kurt for his wonderful review!  Also, since Kurts “working visit” he was so impressed with Hummingbird Inn, he has since booked a personal stay with his lovely wife and their adorable dog, Sophie!


I was recently contacted by Chesapeake Magazine to let me know that they had selected Hummingbird Inn to feature in their 2018 Summer Edition of their publication!  The article was done in a Q&A format with a couple of pictures.  Pretty cool stuff and I think overall the outcome looks really good.  I even managed to get a picture of the entire B&B Staff included!


Two very popular online blogs (Allison In Wonderland and Easily Inspired…) teamed up to promote their new T-shirt line for women and selected the Crisfield Room at Hummingbird Inn as the setting for their photo shoot!  It was really great to meet Alli and Mary and I love their energy, their excitement about what they are doing and they also happen to be super nice people as well!I felt very honored that they found the newly decorated Crisfield Room as the perfect setting for their shoot and after seeing the pictures, I think they were spot on.Check out their really interesting blogs and the pictures of their new t-shirt line:



On Monday, June 18th at 5:00pm the local show on WBOC Channel 16 out of Salisbury, MD aired a new episode of “Delmavra Life” featuring Hummingfbird Inn!

Delmarva Life is a show that connects people with neighbors and local businesses in the local community to help people live their best life.  This particular episode presented a business profile piece on Hummingbird Inn!  I had a small “Viewing Party” that included a few great friends who were able to get away early from work, and even some of the guests staying at the B&B that night joined the party.  It was a lot of fun and thanks to those who were able to make it.

I know that many others who are local were unable to make the Viewing Party, and a lot of people don’t get WBOC where they are located so you were unable to watch the segment.  Well, I’m happy to announce that I just received a copy of the video!

So as promised, I’m posting a the video here in this post so that you can watch it!  Now, I don’t expect that I’ll be “discovered” by some random talent scout, but I’m happy with how it came out, Tru looked AWESOME as always, and I’m excited to have already received several calls/reservations as result of people seeing the spot.  Success! 🙂

Hope you like it!

Hummingbird Inn segment was the last segment to air which clearly supports the adage “we saved the best to the last”

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